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[Notice] Smile Phone Repair on spot with all genuine part

Sun Admin
2019.08.09 16:52 1,096 0


Hey guys,

Smile Phone repair gives you a very value deal for only this month. Here is what we have have for you.

# All Samsung screen repair , you get 30% off with original Part (it is Samsung genuine part)

#All iPhone repair , you get free tempered glass screen protector

Free pick-up, delivery

iPhone, galaxy, ipad, ipod screen

battery, camera, all other flexs, water damage

#3 years warranty with all repair

if you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are open 24-7
Thank you

* phone: 0424895904
* Instagram: brisbane_smile_phone_suri
* kakao talk: smilephonesuri

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