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布里斯班南区 医美狂欢双十一特价大放送

????童颜针sculpture颈纹:原价$750 ⚡优惠价$1100/2次
????玻尿酸不分区(隆鼻除外):$550 ⚡优惠价$1350/3支
????Botox瘦肩/瘦腿:原价$1600 ⚡优惠价$1100-$1200
????????????无痛冷冻冰雕溶脂:原价$600 ⚡优惠价$1200/3次
????T字部零毛孔胶原培植:原价$350单次 ⚡优惠价$750/3次
????????????超声刀黄金拉皮:原价$160 ⚡优惠价$1200
????????????超人气小气泡清洁补水:原价$150 ⚡优惠价 270/3次
????????????超人气RF射频提拉: $160 ⚡优惠价300/3次
????光子嫩肤:原价150单次 ⚡优惠价$120
????强效面部/双下巴溶脂针:原价$500 ⚡优惠价$1350/3次

联系电话 07 30671452

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(Looking for model) "Here's a good chance to do the eyeliner semi-permanent makeup for free."

"Here's a good chance to do the eyeliner semi-permanent makeup for free." Hello, This is the Brisbane Institute of Hair & Beauty in Newstead. We t…

3 Gracie 2019.11.13

Micoroblading/cosmic/eyebrows tattoo

Micoroblading ,cosmic tattoo The brow technique hit the mainstream a few years ago and has dominated beauty bloggers’ social media feeds ever sin…

37 Cinderellav 2019.11.08


布里斯班南区 医美狂欢双十一特价大放送 澳韩欢庆双十一 童颜针sculpture颈纹:原价$750 ⚡优惠价$1100/2次 玻尿酸不分区(隆鼻除外):$550 ⚡优惠价$1350/3支 Botox瘦肩/瘦腿:原价$1600 ⚡优惠价$1100-$1200 无痛冷冻冰雕溶脂:原价$60…

41 sammiwpn1 2019.11.07

Eyelash extensions, Hybrid Volume lash $50 unlimited for Student♪

Eyelash extensions, Hybrid Volume lash $50 unlimited for Student♪  I have eyelash extensions at home salon near City!   It’s summer season!!! Dail…

144 cocomoe브리즈번 2019.10.23

Eye lash extension

Caboolture QLDにて出張でマツエク、ブラジリアン脱毛を行っております。 夏に向けてご自宅でマツエク、ブラジリアン脱毛をしませんか? 外出がなかなかできない方、ローカルサロンでの施術が不安の方、ローカルサロンよりかなり安く行ってますのでオススメです。 初めての方にも希望に沿うよう…

154 Ym1220 2019.10.17

Who wants to have a Remedial massage????

We offer $75 for 60min $110 for 90min Remedial massage at Ashgrove. 07 3061 5103 Online booking available

204 amati2019 2019.10.02

Eyelash extensions

Hi I am looking for ppl who would like to do an eyelash extensions. It’s classic style and suitable for light make up. It costs $50 and located near…

199 Rbcheng 2019.09.30

Eye lash extensions / Brazilian wax

Hi guys. I am an eye lash technician in Caboolture QLD. I can do for you eye lash extensions at your home. ✴︎Menu✴︎ ・Cassic $60 ・Design J…

229 Ymkaaaaan 2019.09.24

♡choice hair ♡ ☆ August event ☆ ♡ Setting perm $ 99, dyed $ 65

-Hair perm - Hair perm + Nutrition + Cut = $ 99 ( Add hair length-X) - Hair Dye - Short + Nutrition + Cut = $ 79 Medium + Nutrition + Cut…

570 eunje 2019.08.12

Gangnamstyle hair and beauty fortitude valley

Brisbane City Korean Salon Gangnam style hair and Eyelash #13/115 wickham st fortitude valley Men’s Cut $17 Women’s Cut $26 Colour from $59…

522 Gangnamstyle 2019.08.07

⭕️City BlackPink Hair&Nail+Eyelash⭕️

Brisbane City Korean Salon BlackPink Hair with Nail and Eyelash 204 Alice st Brisbane Men’s Cut $20 Women’s Cut $30 Colour from $60 Cold…

553 헤어 2019.08.07